Amanda Grace Shu

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About Me

I am a biracial Asian-American poet and fiction writer, and an MFA candidate at Sarah Lawrence College. I am a lover of language and all its chaotic, inventive, and endlessly changing beauty, and I believe that words can build worlds both fantastical and familiar. To me, creative writing is a powerfully empathetic act through which we humans come to truly understand one another.

I also obsess over cats and name my pens after silly puns.

My poetry has been published in The American Journal of Poetry, Mass Poetry’s Hard Work of Hope series, and Kaleidoscope. In 2021, I was longlisted for the Palette Poetry Emerging Poet Prize, and my poem “Where Are You Really From?” won the Empower Her* Voice Creative Writing Contest.

My fiction has been featured in Daily Science Fiction, and I am a graduate of the 2014 and 2015 Alpha Young Writers’ Workshop and the 2013 Juniper Institute for Young Writers.

Published Works & Awards


Where Are You Really From?
2021 Empower Her* Voice Creative Writing Contest
Winner – Poetry
Publication forthcoming July 2022

Palette Poetry 2021 Emerging Poet Prize
July 2021

Ode to My Muscles
Kaleidoscope Magazine
September 2020

Ledger of Doubts, Unmasked
Mass Poetry’s The Hard Work of Hope series
June 2020

Minidoka to Austin
The American Journal of Poetry
January 2020

Do You Speak Chinese?
Commonthought, Lesley University
December 2019

Mass Poetry’s Poetry on the T Contest
May 2015

Smith College Poetry Prize for High School Girls
March 2014

For Maya and Matilda
Mock Orange Magazine
November 2013


Reverse Orpheus
Commonthought, Lesley University
December 2019

Daily Science Fiction
March 2016

Barton Hollow
The Marble Collection
February 2013

Recent Posts

Winner of the Empower Her* Voice 2021 Creative Writing Contest

My poem “Where Are You Really From?” won first prize in the poetry category of Empower Her* Voice‘s 2021 Creative Writing Contest on the theme of Stereotypes and Perceptions. According to their website, “EmpowerHer*Voice is a platform that spotlights the innovative vision and lived experiences of people of marginalised genders worldwide. Our platform brings togetherContinue reading “Winner of the Empower Her* Voice 2021 Creative Writing Contest”


Each time he comes home, his face changes. He is an old man at her birth, a youth at her third birthday party, and a fifty-something when he walks her to her first day of kindergarten. She hears the adults mutter about how Clare’s mother can’t keep a husband longer than a year, and Clare can barely suppress her giggles. You don’t get it. All those men—they’re all one husband.

She tells her second-grade class, My daddy is in space . . .

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