Where Are You Really From?

Winner of the 2021 Empower Her* Voice Creative Writing Contest. Judge Cheryl Buchanan commented: “From its captivating first line, People are rarely satisfied with Massachusetts, which leads the reader all over the globe and back, this poem is a reclamation and a ride through our geography, our history, and our collective quest to identify, categorize,Continue reading “Where Are You Really From?”

Winner of the Empower Her* Voice 2021 Creative Writing Contest

My poem “Where Are You Really From?” won first prize in the poetry category of Empower Her* Voice‘s 2021 Creative Writing Contest on the theme of Stereotypes and Perceptions. According to their website, “EmpowerHer*Voice is a platform that spotlights the innovative vision and lived experiences of people of marginalised genders worldwide. Our platform brings togetherContinue reading “Winner of the Empower Her* Voice 2021 Creative Writing Contest”


Each time he comes home, his face changes. He is an old man at her birth, a youth at her third birthday party, and a fifty-something when he walks her to her first day of kindergarten. She hears the adults mutter about how Clare’s mother can’t keep a husband longer than a year, and Clare can barely suppress her giggles. You don’t get it. All those men—they’re all one husband.

She tells her second-grade class, My daddy is in space . . .